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Ward 115 - Northways - Homepage

The ward councillor for Ward 115 is Chris Santana: 082 416 7714


Go to the municipal office for Ward 115 to register in the ward with IEC officer Veli 011 784 2712:

Region E municipal office
137 Daisy Street Sandton
Veli is there Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm. Take your green, barcoded I.D book.

Have you missed receiving Ward115 bulletins?

If you have been receiving bulletins and messages and if these have stopped lately, this may be because your ISP mail-server has rejected our messages three times.

Our policy is that after 3 bounces from any recipient address ent on our list, that recipient's record is deleted. We have to do this to minimise the number of bounces experienced and to protect the reputation of this domain which is monitored by anti-spam RB lists whenever we send messages. Due to the current paranoia existing over spam by many server administrators, ever more restrictive policies are implemented, ostensibly to minimise the receipt of spam messages. These policies can result in our legitimate and user-requested e-mailings being rejected.

An example is an ISP (iBurst) which rejected a recent message dealing with expenditures of CoJ being investigated by the Public Protector - the words 'millions' and 'invest' were included in the text of that e-mail message, and on this basis the ISP rejected and bounced the message sent to all who use that ISP!

If you are not receiving our messages as expected, please complete the form to subscribe again. But first tell your ISP to reduce the paranoia-level please!

To log a service delivery issue that has not been resolved by the municipality, please click on Service Delivery above. If you need your ward councillor to escalate an unresolved complaint (including an incorrect Rates bill), the councillor needs the reference number for the call you logged with Joburg Connect 011 375 5555.
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